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Okayama University e-Bulletin Vol.15

July 29, 2016

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Okayama University e-Bulletin highlights news and views from one of Japan's largest comprehensive universities internationally recognized for its dynamic and innovative approach to interdisciplinary scientific research and pioneering educational programs.

Okadai is Japan’s leading university in IoT security

Research highlights
World’s first flexible security Secure Cryptoprocessor with adjustable security level
Traceability for Multimedia Content: Protection against Pirated Copies

Okayama University participates in “nano tech 2016”: world’s largest exhibition of nanotechnology
Ambassador of the European Union Delegation to Japan gives a lecture on “European Higher Education in the World”

Okayama Travelogue Yumeji Art Museum

About Okayama University
Okayama University is one of the largest comprehensive universities in Japan with roots going back to the Medical Training Place sponsored by the Lord of Okayama and established in 1870. Now with 1,300 faculty and 14,000 students, the University offers courses in specialties ranging from medicine and pharmacy to humanities and physical sciences. Okayama University is located in the heart of Japan approximately 3 hours west of Tokyo by Shinkansen.
Website: //www.okayama-u.ac.jp/index_e.html

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