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Okayama Medical Innovation Center grand opening

July 07, 2011

The opening ceremony of the “Okayama Medical Center (OMIC)” was held in the Shikata campus on April 27th 2011. The facility’s main focus is on research and development of cancer treatment with the cooperation of Okayama University, Okayama prefecture, and it’s industrial sector.

OMIC is the research center build as a part of regional innovation activities for development of industry-academia-government collaborative research center by the Japanese Science and Technology Agency (JST) in 2009. It consists of three research areas; molecular imaging, incubation, and animal testing.

OMIC aims towards conducting frontier research on new industry creation based on molecular imaging technology, which enables researchers to capture the image of cancer cells as well as physiological activities of drugs without damaging human body.

OMIC is equipped with two state of the art PET machines, which are essential for molecular imaging. An incubation facility has been established to support research and new bio-venture industries. In addition, the Center is also involved with human resource development by mediating clinical research at Okayama University Hospital and joint graduate school course with The Riken.

Dr. Kiyoshi Morita, president of Okayama University addressed the gathering, saying “We wish to support the management together with Okayama prefecture and the local industrial sector of Okayama prefecture, and we hope that the center may function as a joint research facility as well as a human resource development center for the private sector, universities, and government agencies which are not limited to the prefecture”.
Afterwards Masahiro Ishii the governor of Okayama Prefecture and Hiroshi Nakashima, the chairman of Keidanren, Okayama prefecture, also made speeches. Michio Obara, director of JST delivered a congratulatory address. Ribbon cutting and unveiling of the Center took place after Mr. Kumon Hiromi, president of the Industrial and Governmental Relation Center, outlined the functions of the facility.

Ribbon cutting

Unveiling; Mr. Kumon, President of the Industrial and Governmental Relation Center (right) and Hirofumi Makino, president of Okayama University Hospital

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