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Special Program for 'Monbukagakusho Scholarships in Fy 2021 (Special Admissions for Undergraduate International Students)' Starts in the Faculty of Agriculture

March 15, 2021

Okayama University Faculty of Agriculture has been approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to award "MONBUKAGAKUSHO Scholarships in FY 2021 (Special Admissions for Undergraduate Students)" for Global Agriscience Program (GAP) for human resources who will contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We start preliminary education for 6 months from October in 2021, followed by a 4-year undergraduate courses. This program focuses on development of human resources with wide range of knowledge and wisdom, based on SDGs spirit ensuring environment conservation, for the food supply in Asian and Africa area, where food demand has been increasing. Most of lectures are given in Japanese. In this human resource development program, international and Japanese students cooperate and compete with each other in practical lecture work, seminar, research and internship.

The program will start in October 2021. The number of candidates is 4, and the application period is from March 15, to May 14, 2021.

For 6 months from October 2021, we will accept candidates as research students in the Faculty of Agriculture, and conduct a "Preliminary Education for GAP" to prepare for entrance examinations, Japanese language and professional education. This will be followed by 4 years of professional education starting in April 2022. The GAP course emphasizes hands-on social collaboration and experience-based lectures, including Internship, Introduction to International Agricultural Science and Mathematical Data Science. GAP course students major in one of the following courses: Agrochemical Bioscience, Applied Plant Science, Applied Animal Science or Environmental Ecology to enhance their specialized skills and accumulate applied, practical performance through overseas practical training and graduation thesis research. After graduation, GAP course students are encouraged to go on to graduate school for further advancement as international human resources. Education is conducted by lectures mainly in Japanese and English in part.

CALL FOR JAPANESE GOVERNMENT (MONBUKAGAKUSHO) SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS (Preliminary Education in October 2021 and Undergraduate Admission in April 2022) can be accessed at the following links.
In English
In Japanese