Okayama University


Environmental Activities to Achieve the SDGs! Okayama University students volunteer in Lake Kojima Clean-up Campaign

November 17, 2021

On November 7, the Lake Kojima Environmental Conservation Measures Promotion Council held the 2021 Lake Kojima Clean-up Campaign across seven locations around Lake Kojima.

As part of its ongoing community-orientated SDGs activities, Okayama University recruited first year students taking “Introductory Course of Okayama University” and international students via the International Student Advising Room to participate in the event, encouraging students to think about environmental issues and learn more about the local community and Lake Kojima through environmental conservation activities. On the day of the event, twelve students met up at Nishigawa Canal Park in Okayama city center to clean up garbage along Edagawa Green Road Park, from Nishikawa Ai Plaza all the way to Okayama University Hospital under the supervision of two faculty members.

Students commented positively on their experience, indicating that they may contribute to similar conservation efforts in the future. Global Discovery Program first year Matin Junayeed said, “I have participated in various volunteer activities in the past, but it was a pleasure and an honor to take part in this clean-up campaign as my first volunteer activity since becoming a university student,” he continued, “It was great to see how eager Okayama University students and Okayama residents are to engage in environmental conservation activities.”

Additionally, first-year medical student MATSUOKA Asahi said, “I was really surprised by the amount of trash we collected. But it was a beautiful day and I had fun. I would like to participate again next year if I have the chance.”

Although the water quality in Lake Kojima has improved over the past couple of years, it still does not meet environmental standards. This clean-up campaign forms part of environmental activities held every year from September to November to promote environmental conservation in the Lake Kojima basin. Okayama University will continue to actively engage in local community activities as part of its goals to promote the SDGs in collaboration with local and international communities and to nurture graduates who are able to competently address environmental and social issues.