Okayama University


Okayama University Postgraduate Students Receive Nishina Award

March 25, 2022

On March 16, Okayama prefecture held an award ceremony for the 2021 Nishina Award to honor students pursuing a postgraduate degree in the fields of science and engineering who currently reside in Okayama prefecture and who have shown outstanding character and academic achievements. At the ceremony, which took place at the Okayama Prefectural Office, Okayama University students KOMATSU Kunimoto (Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology) and OTSUKA Satomi (Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering in Health Systems) were presented with a certificate of commendation by Governor IBARAGI Ryuta in recognition of their respective research results.

KOMATSU Kunimoto, who is completing a doctoral program at the Department of Mathematical Physics, was recognized for his research on the “development of a polarization modulator for atomic gravitational wave detection by precise measurement of cosmic microwave background radiation polarization”. OTSUKA Satomi, who is completing a doctoral program at the Department of Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering in Health Systems, was recognized for her research on the “creation of new inhibitors targeting protein kinases and the elucidation of underlying mechanisms”.

The Nishina Award is named after the late Dr. NISHINA Yoshio (1890-1951), a physicist from Okayama prefecture who is known in Japan as the “Father of Modern Physics”. Not only is Dr. Nishina a very important figure in Okayama prefecture’s history, but also in Okayama University’s history. He was a graduate of the Sixth Higher School, which is one of the predecessors of Okayama University, and is known to have had a close relationship with the university, contributing to the establishment of the present Okayama University, in particular its Faculty of Science.