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Okayama University Signs Agreement with Okayama Institute of Languages to Work Toward the Realization of a Multicultural Society and the Achievement of the SDGs

May 19, 2022

Okayama University signed a cooperation agreement with Okayama Institute of Languages on May 17. The agreement was signed by Okayama University President MAKINO Hirofumi and Okayama Institute of Languages Director KATAYAMA Hiroko at the signing ceremony, which was held on the same day.

Okayama Institute of Languages started offering Japanese language education courses for international students and foreign residents in October 1992 and has been making efforts to help students develop global skills ever since, establishing a variety of educational courses to meet student needs.

The two institutions have been discussing how to combine their respective strengths and work together toward the realization of a multicultural society and the achievement of local SDGs, leading to the conclusion of this agreement, which will promote collaboration in the following three areas: (1) education and training for international students, (2) daily living support for international students, and (3) disaster prevention educational activities in multiple languages for foreign residents.
The first area includes providing Japanese language support and instruction for international students with insufficient language ability before and after they arrive in Japan, recommending outstanding international students at the Okayama Institute of Languages to undergraduate and graduate programs at Okayama University, and assisting in the dispatch of Japanese language educators overseas.

The second area of cooperation relies on the accumulated experience of the Okayama Institute of Languages and will allow Okayama University to implement daily support programs, including “business manners” and “how to correctly dispose garbage”, to our international students to help them transition more easily to life in Japan.

The third area incorporates our university’s Education and Training Station for Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment Including New Infectious Diseases. We plan to implement multinational seminars on disaster prevention for foreign residents using “Easy Japanese”.

Thanks to this agreement, Okayama University will deepen its collaboration with Okayama Institute of Languages and contribute to the realization of a multicultural society as well as to the achievement of the SDGs and to regional revitalization.