Okayama University


FUTAGAMI Arata, a Member of the Okayama University Competitive Karuta Club, Won the First Prize at the National Competitive Karuta Tournament!

September 07, 2023

On August 5 and 6, Mr. FUTAGAMI Arata (1st year, School of Science), a member of the Okayama University Competitive Karuta Club participated in the "28th Hitomaro no Sato, National Competitive Karuta Tournament in Masuda" held at the Masuda Civic Learning Center (Masuda City, Shimane Prefecture), and won in the D2 class division!

This tournament has five divisions: A-class (4-rank and above), B-class (3-rank), C-class (2-rank), D-class (1-rank), and E-class (no rank).

In response to the results, Mr. Futagami said, "I was able to enjoy the competition. I definitely want to win the next tournament as well," he said with enthusiasm for the future.

In competitive karuta, players are promoted to a higher rank by achieving a certain level of performance in tournaments held nationwide by the All Japan Karuta Association. Based on the results of this year's competition, Mr. Futagami was successfully promoted to C class (C, D, and E class are promoted by finishing third or higher, and B class is promoted by winning a tournament or finishing second twice. ).