Okayama University


Hue University Graduate School Special 4th Year Course Students Results / Completion Meeting

March 13, 2013

 A meeting was held to announce the results of the Okayama / Hue University Graduate School Special Course and report on its completion on March 7 at this university. The eight fourth-year students in this course, which is a special program run by both Hue National University (Vietnam) and our university, transferred to the second year of Okayama University's doctoral course from April last year, and at this meeting announced the results of their studies over the year.
 This announcement / report meeting is held each year to present the results of the students' studies here (their master's theses) and to report on the completion of their courses to the companies that have acted as their 'foster parents' to support their life in Japan.
 At the announcement meeting, the eight gave presentations in English on the results of their studies. In the report meeting, they expressed their appreciation in Japanese to the 'foster parent' companies, after which the companies gave them warm messages of encouragement for the future. The meeting allowed deeper ties to be formed by all present.
We look forward to hearing in the future of the achievements of these students in their home country using the knowledge they have learned here. Okayama University will continue to improve this course as well as maintaining activities to contribute to education and exchange with Vietnam.