Okayama University


Six Major National Universities Sign a Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement

March 15, 2013

 The six major national universities of Chiba University, Niigata University, Kanazawa University, Nagasaki University, Kumamoto University and Okayama University signed a comprehensive agreement on March 6 to utilize their respective characteristics to collaboratively strengthen education / academic research functions, develop global human resources and ensure high-level scholarship. This is the first agreement for national universities to cover multiple institutions over such a broad area.
 All of the six universities are new system universities carried over from old system schools such as medical colleges, and as such have maintained a loose form of collaboration up to now. This agreement will promote the formation of a collaborative consortium of the six national universities and the joint formation of educational programs to deepen comprehensive and powerful cooperation. Steps are also underway to set up an international collaborative body for the six national universities to promote cooperation in international activities, such as exchanges with influential overseas university affiliations.
 The signing ceremony that took place in Tokyo was attended by the presidents of the six universities, including our own Dr. Kiyoshi Morita, along with other personages involved. Dr. Shinichi Nakamura, president of Kanazawa University, which is acting as the steward of the agreement, expressed his strong hope towards the achievements collaboration will bring, after which the presidents signed the agreement and shook hands firmly. Next our own Dr. Morita gave a broad outline of the intentions of the agreement, and Dr. Masaru Akita (Executive Director (Social Responsibility and International Affairs)) talked on the forming of an international collaborative body.
 Talks were also held prior to the signing ceremony with Myanmar's Minister for Science and Technology, Dr. Ko Ko Oo, with a letter of confirmation being signed on the strengthening of cooperation between Myanmar and the six universities in the field of science and technology. The involvement with Myanmar came about through examination of aid for development of human resources in engineering primarily through Nagasaki University, and without doubt will lead to the greater promotion of internationalization for the six universities and the fostering of global human resources.