Okayama University


A Special Visit from Mongolia National University of Agriculture

January 07, 2010

On 15th December, Byambaa Badarc, President of Mongolian National University of Agriculture, Gombojav Altangerel, Vice President, and Kheruuga Tumurbaatar, University Strategic Planning Division Head, visited Okayama University and had a friendly talk with the university President, Kyozo Chiba and Executive Director of Finance and Facilities, Yoshinobu Kitao. Mongolia National University of Agriculture is the only agricultural university in Mongolia. Following the mutual agreement, exchange in research and student program between two universities has become very active. At Okayama University, the Faculty of Agricultural Science plays a significant role in this. The purpose of this visit was to facilitate and enhance the exchange programs between universities. During the visit, there were discussion meetings with the Faculty of Agricultural Science and a reception with the Mongolian students who are currently studying at Okayama University. There was lively discussion among participants about future partnership developments.

At the meeting, Okayama University introduced their sophisticated campus-wide evaluation system. This information was useful for the Mongolian representatives as there is a growing need for this type of evaluation system in their country as well. This visit was a remarkable opportunity for both universities to realize the importance of developing stronger ties in education and research.

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