Okayama University


2012 Degree Ceremony

March 25, 2013

 The 2012 Degree Ceremony for Okayama University was held at the Momotaro Arena on March 25, witnessing the departure of 3,351 undergraduate and graduate students from the memory-laden campus.
 The ceremony proceeded with the national anthem and school songs being performed, after which the university president, Dr. Kiyoshi Morita, presented degrees and diplomas to 22 representatives from each faculty / graduate school. The Okayama University Kokusho Award, given to students excelling in both their schoolwork and their character, was commended to seventeen students, with a commemorative item and award certificate being given to a representative student.
 President Morita was shown on the screen in the venue giving a speech wherein he quoted impressive phrases from notable people, and stated that a person's brilliance is decided by what they are about to achieve, not what they have done in the past. He asked the students to select themselves from among the missions given to them to accomplish changes and attain this brilliance. Tomoko Kaneda of the Dental School and Hiroaki Takano of the Graduate School of Education gave valedictory addresses as representatives of the graduates.
 After the end of the degree ceremony, the graduates took commemorative photos with their friends or received flowers from senior members of their circles, taking an emotional leave of their student life.