Okayama University


University Policy for the Current Novel Influenza (A/H1N1) Vol. 8 (Notification for students, faculty staff and office staff)

January 04, 2010


University Policy for the Current Novel Influenza (A/H1N1) Vol. 8 (Notification for students and university staff)

The new influenza strain has already begun to spread and there has been confirmation of infection even within this university. Taking this into consideration, this infection will be handled in the following ways. Please pay special attention to your health in order to prevent a continued spread of infection.

Presently, there have been no school closures, class cancellations, etc. However, there is still a small chance that such measures may be taken depending on the severity of the spread. In the event of a change, please regularly consult Okayama University homepage and/or your G-mail for regular updates.

Domestic and overseas trips:
Okayama University has no requests for self-restraint. However, please do your best to observe the appropriate levels of hygiene. Furthermore, please make sure to observe the appropriate guidelines where flu symptoms may appear. When you are taking trips, please inform your itinerary to the appropriate university staff of your faculty and/or your program.

Events, meetings and conferences:
The university will not intervene as long as there are no special requests at the local or national government level.
Prevention of infection:
Please make sure to prevent the spread of infection and strictly observe the appropriate etiquette such as gargling, washing your hands and wearing a facemask in crowded places.

Flu-like symptoms (sudden fever, running nose, sore throat, coughing, etc)
Please seek medical advice as soon as possible. If a diagnosis of influenza is found, please inform the relevant people in your faculty office.

Student contact: Academic Affairs Division (faculty / program dependant)
University Staff contact: General Affairs Division (faculty dependant)