Okayama University


Okayama University President’s Party for International Students in 2009

February 09, 2010

On 2nd of December, Okayama University Social Gathering for International Students in 2009 was held.

This annual event is usually held around this time of the year. Representatives of international student support groups and international students at Okayama University were invited. The aims of the party were to deepen mutual understanding between international students and the local community in Okayama, to enrich campus life at Okayama University for international students, and to encourage active communication among students studying in different faculties.

Nearly 400 international students and University staff including University President Kyozo Chiba joined the party.
A Japanese speech by Miss Ma Wei-Jia, the winner of the International Speech Contest (held on the same day), and performances of traditional arts given by international students from various different countries made the event extremely memorable.

Okayama University will continue to organize cultural exchange programs and events in the hope that both the local and international community may come to understand each other and may improve communication for a more globalized campus.

Contact: International Affairs Division at Academic Affairs Department Tel:086-251-7044