Okayama University


Providing Emergency Medical Support for Haiti Earthquake Victims

March 11, 2010

On the 28th of January, 2010, Doctor Noriko Boku, a doctor of the Okayama University Hospital - Emergency Medical Division, who had been providing emergency medical support to the earthquake victims in Haiti, returned and held a press conference at the AMDA(Association of Medical Doctors of Asia) head office located in Okayama City.

Doctor Boku was sent to Haiti on the request of AMDA based on a comprehensive collaboration agreement between AMDA and Okayama University.

Doctor Boku departed from Okayama on January 20th with Doctor Shigeru Suganami, President of AMDA to provide medical support in Jamani (a city located on the west side of the Dominican republic and close to the border of Haiti) and returned on the 28th of January.

At the press conference, Doctor Boku said, “Legs and arms have to be amputated in order to keep victims alive even in cases of fracture or injury which would not require amputation in Japan. Rehabilitation and psychotherapy are expected to be necessary in the future”. And, she emphasized the need for constant medical aid for the victims.

Okayama University will continue to support the victims in cooperation with AMDA to help early recovery of Haiti.

Should you have any questions about this emergency medical support, please refer to the AMDA website.