Okayama University


The 2014 Homecoming Day

October 22, 2014

Our university held the “Homecoming Day 2014” event on October 18th upon inviting graduates and people from the community to familiarize them with the university. We were able to deepen exchanges with the approximate 1500 people who attended.

The entire cheer group welcomed the visitors with a powerful dance performance and the singing of the university song. The event got into swing with various projects such as the “Omoide Jaya (Japanese Tea House)” where current students and graduates talked about memories, the art exhibition where pieces of work by students and alumni from the Art Education Course were on display, and the “Music Festival” in which multiple music groups performed. Around the 50th Anniversary Hall at the main venue were carnival booths conducted by students, a place where visitors were able to experience the sport of “Mölkky” in which players throw a stick and hit pins that have scores written on them and the player with the highest total score wins, the “WAWA’ S Duty Free” where exchange students sold general merchandise and sweets from the countries of their origin, and more. There were diverse festivities and the visitors walked around the venue curiously.