Okayama University


The appointment of “Okayama Student Community Development Masterminds”

October 21, 2014

The university’s Academic and General Okayama University Regional Research Association (AGORA) appointed 11 students from among exchange students and Japanese students to be “Okayama Student Community Development Masterminds” on October 15th. The purpose of this is to utilize the help of these students who want to “make Okayama a better place and want to learn more about it” in Okayama’s community development and the promotion of tourism. The members conducted a local investigation of tourist sites such as the Okayama Castle and Korakuen in November. They are scheduled to make specific promotion of tourism and community development suggestions at the “The Okayama Korakuen, Okayama Castle, etc. Promotion Association” that is to be held next year in January.

An appointment ceremony was held at the Tsushima Campus on the same day, and Executive Director and Vice-President Masaru Araki (in charge of Social Responsibility and International Affairs) issued the letter of appointments to each of the members. The members talked about how they “liked Okayama and that they wanted to work hard with everyone.”

Our university was selected for the Project for Establishing an International Exchange Program" sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in FY 2012, and it conducted a study trip, the samurai trip in Yakagecho, Okayama Castle, and Korakuen, etc. for exchange students that involved touring these places so that the students could learn about the history and community development of Okayama. With the objective of creating “Okayama, a place where young people and exchange students interact with the community,” the industry, government, university, and citizens within Okayama Prefecture are collaborating and advancing a practical initiative.