Okayama University


Exhibiting at “nano tech 2015”, one of the world’s largest integrated nanotechnology events

February 04, 2015

On January 28-30, Okayama University took part in “nano tech 2015, the 14th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference”, one of the world’s largest nanotechnology events, which was held at Tokyo Big Sight.

Members of the university gave four poster and oral presentations*. Associate Professor Tetsuya Uchida of the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology gave a presentation titled “Nanomaterials of High-performance Polymers - Creation of Super Materials by Novel Methodology for Morphology Control - “. In the presentation, he introduced a technique for creating nanofibers using rapid-quenching crystallization of rigid rod aromatic polymers, which have poor formability and are difficult to fashion into nanomaterials but are hoped to possess outstanding performance, including heat resistance and mechanical characteristics.

In the presentation titled “Functionalized Nano-porous Silicates Produced from Natural Sediments by Iron Oxidized Bacteria” Professor Tatsuo Fujii of the same department discussed the application of new nano-porous silicates created by extracting silica particles from brown sediment made by iron-oxidizing bacteria. The nano-porous silicates possess high gas absorption, solid acid and catalytic activities.

At the partnering area, they energetically exchanged opinions and consultations towards the implementation of joint research and technological transfer with chemical and material company members who were interested in the research achievements.

Organization for Research Promotion and Collaboration of Okayama University will continue to actively support the participation of its members in exhibitions in order to promote and spread their researches and to transfer technologies.