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JENESYS2.0 Chinese University Student Group Visiting Japan Welcomed to Okayama University

December 28, 2015

On October 30, Okayama University welcomed a visit from the 23rd group of the Chinese University Students to Visit Japan, 100 students, as a part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan “JENESYS2.0”* people-to-people exchange program. The group was given explanations of distinctive research outcomes and university facilities in the Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology and the Faculty of Agriculture. The visiting students deepened exchanges with Okayama University students, including international students, by discussing their study and research circumstances as well as their futures.

The JENESYS2.0 23rd group of Chinese University Students to Visit Japan had come to Japan under the theme of “Environment, Agriculture and Forestry.” At the Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology around 70 students firstly attended a faculty introduction and a special lecture on salt damage in a Chinese Yellow River Basin irrigation district. This was followed by a tour of the Central Library and the aquatic circulation facility, the Biotope Pond (Tanjo-ike). In an informal gathering with Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology students, a lively exchange of views took place on topics such as study and research at Okayama University and the differences between student lifestyles in Japan and China.

At the Faculty of Agriculture, around 40 students listened to explanations concerning research on wall greening; rose cultivation in greenhouses; cultivation techniques for the Okayama specialty, the grape “Pione”; and non-astringent persimmon, which is not found in China. In addition, this group visited the Okayama Farm at the Faculty of Agriculture’s Field Science Center where they tasted the fruit. The group also deepened their exchanges with Faculty of Agriculture students and international students.

A Japanese government visit Japan program implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for youth exchanges between Japan and countries/regions in Asia and Oceania. The program is aimed at the revitalization of the Japanese economy by promoting potential interest in Japan, and increasing visitors to Japan, while promoting global understanding on Japan’s strengths and attractions, including Cool Japan, as embodied in the Japan Brand and Japanese values.

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