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5th URA International Research Seminar

January 12, 2016

John TSE, Professor at University of Saskatchewan Canada, presented a talk titled “Working under Stress” at the 5th URA International Research Seminar held on December 21th 2015 and gave a wide review of his recent activities in the field of high pressure uses to promote new innovative material properties.
Through a series of examples of recent results on experimental and theoretical studies, he demonstrated how the properties of simple molecular radicals can be tuned from insulating paramagnets to metals and even to Fermi liquids, and finally illustrated the synergy between advanced electronic structure calculations and experiments.

Professor TSE’s research focuses on the rationalization of the fundamental principles governing the structure, stability and thermodynamics of materials and the prediction of material behaviour.
He has been awarded many prestigious distinctions all along his career. In Japan he was awarded as Foreign Visiting Scholar of MITI, at the Hokkaido National Industrial Research Institute in 1995. He has been JSPS (Japan) Senior Fellowship, in 1999 and 2006, and he is presently RIKEN Collaborative Researcher.

His connections with Okayama University date back to collaborations with the Group of Professor Tanaka Hideki at the beginning of 2000’s and later with Professor Kubozono Yoshihiro.

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