Professors Ma and Yamaji were selected again as the world’s most highly influential scientists in 2016

February 07, 2017

Among the people selected for the Highly Cited Researchers 2016 announced by Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters’ IP & Science) were Professor Jian Feng Ma and Associate Professor Naoki Yamaji of the Group of Plant Stress Physiology at Institute of Plant Science and Resources (IPSR), Okayama University. Professors Ma and Yamaji are studying mechanisms of nutrient uptake and detoxification/ accumulation of toxic metals by plants at the molecular level. Their global cutting-edge research results over many years were what led to their selection in the category of Plant & Animal Science. This is their second straight year to receive this honor.

The list of honorees announced in the third year of the award are the world’s most highly influential scientists, selected based on an analysis of citations of their works in a number of fields of scientific research. More than 3000 researchers are selected from among 21 research fields in the natural and social sciences, whose published works in the eleven years from January 2004 to December 2014 had very high numbers of citations. Among them, 76 belonged to Japanese research institutes and universities. As one yardstick for determining the value of deeply significant works with notably high numbers of citations, the award is drawing much attention worldwide.

Contact Information
Professor Jian Feng Ma
Head of the Plant Stress Physiology Group, Institute of Plant Science and Resources
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