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U.S. International Exchange Delegation Visits Tsushima Campus

April 18, 2017

On March 29, 2017, the Center for Global Partnerships and Education and the Discovery Program for Global Learners at Okayama University were honored to welcome a delegation to the Tsushima Campus made up of representatives from the U.S.-Japan Conference on Cultural & Educational Interchange (CULCON) and the Kansai American Center at the U.S. Consulate Osaka-Kobe. The members included Ms. Pamela L. Fields, Deputy Secretary-General from CULCON, and Ms. Brooke Spelman, Director of Kansai American Center. The delegates had the opportunity to learn about our internationalization vision, past achievements, and future plans, especially with the interest in the bilateral relationship between Japan and the United States. They also informed Okayama University about their mission to foster opportunities for increasing collegiate exchange.

A welcome message was given by Dr. Yoko Yamamoto, the former director of the Center for Partnerships and Education. Afterward, Ir. Atsufumi Yokoi (Special Advisor to the President /Senior University Global Administrator (UGA) in charge of international and strategy Affairs), and Dr. Nobuyuki Kambara, Professor of the Global Partnership and Education Center, explained our current internationalization situation and future prospects as well as Okayama University’s educational reforms such as the establishment of the Discovery Program for Global Learners, our ambitious transnational liberal arts and science program, and the latest achievements in cutting-edge research and social outreach activities. Later, the delegates met with Dr. Ayami Nakatani, Vice President and Director of the Planning Office of Discovery Program for Global Learners, and Dr. Takayuki Yoshioka, Associate Professor, who will teach courses related to “Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship” cluster. The delegates learned more about the details of the Discovery Program for Global Learners from the two professors. Then, both parties discussed opportunities for further collaboration between the Discovery Program for Global Learners and CULCON and the Kansai American Center.

Ms. Fields and Ms. Spelman expressed that our achievements were quite impressive and offered valuable information to allow Okayama University students to participate in global educational opportunities through their channels. All parties agreed to continue to work collaboratively to this end.

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