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President Underwood of the University of Guam (U.S. Territory) visits Okayama University

February 24, 2017

On February 13, President Robert Anacletus Underwood of the University of Guam (U.S. Territory) visited Okayama University to make a courtesy visit to President Kiyoshi Morita. During the visit, there was dialogue about collaboration and cooperation between the two universities. President Morita shared that he hopes “there will be much research exchange and student exchange that takes place.”
Following the courtesy visit, Dean Yuji Yoshino and Professor Norio Takahashi from the Faculty of Science provided a tour of the Ushimado Marine Institute and other related research facilities. In addition, Professor Takeshi Fujiwara from the Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology introduced the work being done at the Solid Waste Management Research Center, spoke about the long history of exchange with the University of Guam, and discussed future exchange.
President Underwood’s stay in Japan lasted from February 8th to the 15th as an intellectual American invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Japan Foreign Ministry Invitation Program. This visit was made possible due to President Underwood’s strong desire to visit Okayama University. President Underwood previously attended Okayama University’s 60th Anniversary Ceremony held on October 22nd, 2009, making this his second visit. Okayama University will continue to promote exchange with the University of Guam in the future.

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