Okayama University


President Zhao Ji from Northeastern University in China visits Okayama University

June 07, 2017

On June 5, President Zhao Ji from Northeastern University in China visited Okayama University and made a courtesy visit to Present Hirofumi Makino.
During the visit, discussions about partnership and cooperation between the two universities were held with President Makino and Executive Vice President for Finance and Facilities Seiji Suga. President Makino stated, “I would like to further expand exchange between our universities through the existing O-NECUS* program.”
Founded in 1923, Northeastern University is a national university known for its science and engineering programs and is designated as a national key university. A university level international exchange agreement was signed with Okayama University in 2015. There is active student exchange through the O-NECUS program and Sakura Science Plan with more to come in the future.

*O-NECUS: Abbreviation for “Okayama University-North East China Universities platform, Graduate Student Exchange Program.” It is a graduate student exchange program that aims to develop outstanding human resources in collaboration with Okayama University and seven universities in North East China.