Okayama University


Final Presentation held for EPOK 2017 Summer Students

August 17, 2017

On July 25-26, the University’s Center for Global Partnerships and Education held the “Final Presentation 2017 Summer” event presented by the EPOK exchange students on the Tsushima Campus.
At this event, 40 EPOK (Exchange Program Okayama) exchange students from the United States, Canada, England, Italy, France, Australia, Thailand, and Taiwan, gave their final presentation on the individual research (EPOK Research Project) they had conducted about Japan and Japanese culture.
There were a wide range of themes, from political awareness of the Japanese to education, business, community activities, agriculture, and cultural heritage. The students conducted their research based on interviews of Okayama University students and community members, as well as through direct observations made from hands-on experience. The themes and presentations included perspectives unique to international students and were very intriguing.
The “EPOK Research Project” has been offered through the EPOK program from FY2014, but starting this fiscal year, it has become required class in order to complete the EPOK course.
The EPOK exchange students mainly study Japanese and Japanese culture for 11 months (or five months), in addition to conducting individual research under the guidance of an academic advisor, participating in club activities, and interacting with Japanese students at the L-café to fully immerse themselves in Japan while attending Okayama University. The EPOK student exchange program was started in 1998 and will mark its 20th anniversary next year.