Okayama University


Prof. Shen wins the Academic Prize of the Botanical Society of Japan

September 20, 2017

Prof. Jian-Ren Shen, Vice Dean of Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science, was selected for the 2017 (14th) Botanical Society of Japan (BSJ) Academic Prize, and the award ceremony and lecture were held at the 81st Annual Meeting of the Botanical Society of Japan on September 9th.

The BSJ “Academic Prize” is awarded to a botanist who has undertaken highly original studies and whose academic publications have been admired internationally. One recipient is selected each year. Prof. Shen was awarded the prize for his studies on the structures and functions of the photosystem II and photosystem I protein complexes.
In addition to the BSJ Academic Award received by Prof. Shen, the BSJ Fundamental Prize this year was awarded to Honorary Professor Yoshinori Ohsumi from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.