Okayama University


66th “Medical Education Seminar and Workshop in Okayama University” held

October 31, 2017

Okayama University held the Medical Education Seminar and Workshop, co-organized by Gifu University’s Medical Education Development Center, on October 14 – 15. This seminary and workshop is held four times a year with the goal of developing and popularizing new medical education. The 66th training drew over 200 educators, students, medical residents, and medical staff members.
With Munehiko Horiguchi, vice chief priest of Sogenji Temple, as the invited speaker on the theme of the “Importance of Zen Mindfulness in Medical Settings,” the opening session on October14 discussed measures against burnout by medical professions. Afterwards, workshops were held, which drew active discussions from participants. The topics discussed included “behavior science,” a field newly introduced in medical schools, inter-professional education, gender equality in medical settings, and simulated patient-based training.
A seminar on “International Baccalaureate (IB) Admission and Underguraduate Education for Medical Schools” was also held. Professor Makoto Tahara of Okayama University’s Admission Center and Associate Professor Sabina Mahmood of the university’s Institute for Education and Student Service gave talks on the IB as an admission standard, which Okayama University actively uses. Two students from the university’s medical school who actually gained admission with the IB also spoke from the podium. The seminar elicited vigorous discussion from participants.
On October 15, workshops primarily for physicians in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions were held. In addition to the major workshop on simulated patient exchanges, other topics included professionalism training and review methods for attending physicians. Also held was a workshop planned by students, entitled “Considering the Possibility of Student Participation in Medical Education.”