Okayama University


International Exchanges with Faculty, Staff and Students from Malaysia, P.R.China and Republic of Singapore

January 10, 2018

From December 17-24, 11 young faculty members and post-graduate students visited Okayama University from Universiti Putra Malaysia, University of Malaya, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology and Xiamen University, with which Okayama University has concluded international exchange agreements, and from National University of Singapore, with which Okayama University is conducting joint research.
As well as engaging in discussions and experiments related to joint research, the participants visited the research laboratories of Professor Toyota and others, where they were given explanations on the latest electromagnetic compatibility studies. This program coordinated across the whole university, they visited to Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science and Center for Innovative Clinical Medicine. Therefore, they can image several studies with the view of studying in Okayama University in near future.
Moreover, as one part of this program, the participants visited to Professor Tafu in National Institute of Technology, Toyama College and made seminar about next generation bioceramics and biocomposites.
Inviting young faculty members and students from different countries had a positive impact to broaden horizons for study.