Okayama University


Vice Executive Director Yokoi Speaks about Okayama University’s SDGs Efforts

February 09, 2018

To introduce our university’s SDGs efforts to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and increase the participation of industry-supporting SMEs in our plans for the SDGs, Okayama University Vice Executive Director and Senior University Global Administrator (UGA) Atsufumi Yokoi took the podium on January 17 at a seminar held in the city, hosted by Career Planning Co., Ltd. for SMEs.

In his lecture, Yokoi introduced our university’s efforts to achieve the SDGs, saying, “Becoming companies that make administrative efforts toward the SDGs and have an impact on society will be the key. The results will enable you to rank even among large companies and attract ever more investment and human talent. The same applies to universities as well.” He also pointed out that by participating in the SDGs plan, SMEs, who support industry, not only achieve the goals of the SDGs themselves, but also contribute greatly to promoting innovation and development of scientific technology and revitalization of industry, while creating links with industry, academia and government. The representatives from the many SMEs who attended listened to his speech eagerly and engaged in a lively exchange of questions and answers.