Okayama University


Five faculty members from Okayama University deliver lectures on SDGs at SETO Senior High School

June 29, 2018

On June 28, five faculty members from Okayama University delivered lectures on the University’s efforts to help achieve SDGs at Okayama Prefectural SETO Senior High School.

SETO Senior High School strives to develop students’ attitudes and improve their skills to solve problems through integrated studies, which are taught not only by teachers of the school but also by other people in society. The theme for integrated studies for second-year students is “Identify regional problems we expect to face by 2030 and suggest what we should do to solve them in line with the SDGs.” This lecture session revolved around this theme.

One of the five lecturers was Dr. Mitsunobu Kano, Vice Executive Director of Okayama University and Professor of the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering in Health Systems. Each lecturer talked about the University’s efforts to help achieve SDGs and the fruit of such efforts in terms of their own area of expertise—culture, education, society, environment and medical care. An audience of about 170 second and third-year students listened intently, taking notes.

The lecture session was followed by a discussion meeting, which was attended by 20 first- to third-year students. They had a lively exchange of views with the faculty members.