Okayama University


Two students of Okayama University’s Department of Biology in Faculty of Science win awards at the 8th Science Inter Collegiate

March 26, 2019

The 8th Science Inter Collegiate hosted by Japan’s Ministry for Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology was held on March 2 and 3 at the Ikebukuro campus of Rikkyo University. At the event, two students of our Department of Biology in the Faculty of Science won awards for their research as follows.

 Ryoma Watanabe: 4th year, Department of Biology
Japan Science and Technology Agency President Award (Poster presentation)
“Is the brain immune system involved in the hierarchy formation of medaka fish society?”

 Ayako Okamura: 4th year, Department of Biology
Science Intercollegiate Encouragement Award (Poster presentation)
“Elucidation of molecular mechanism of action of the late-feathering gene in chickens”

Both students have been enrolled in the Frontier Scientist Special Course of our Faculty of Science, which is an Okayama University’s original course established to develop scientists who can work at the front line of research and advanced professional engineers. The two have continued their research since their 3rd year in the faculty. The awards were given acknowledging their research achievements.

At the Science Intercollegiate events in the past, many students of our Faculty of Science have also made research presentations and won awards in different sections. Okayama University Faculty of Science will continue to support our students in their independent research endeavors by providing many means such as the Frontier Scientist Special Course.