Okayama University


Award ceremony held for the Student Cultural Encouragement Award/Student Sports Award

March 29, 2019

The award ceremony for the Student Cultural Encouragement Award/Student Sports Award 2018 was held at 50th Anniversary Hall, Okayama University, on March 22, 2019, with the attendance of 80 students and 24 groups selected for awards in the Individual Section and the Group Section, respectively.

In the ceremony, Executive Vice President for Education and International Affairs, Hiroshi Sano, presented certificates to representatives of the award winners. He offered words of encouragement, saying “To become active in society, it is required to achieve the ability to realize self-fulfillment and take action proactively, in addition to the learning that you have gained through the regular curriculum. Your experience in extracurricular activities will become a great asset for you when you go out into the world. I hope for your future success.”

The Student Cultural Encouragement Award praises the students who have produced outstanding results in extracurricular cultural activities or those recognized for their excellent efforts in such activities. The Student Sports Award honors the students who have achieved exceptional results in extracurricular sports activities at international or national competitions, and those who have greatly contributed to the Alumni Association that has continuously promoted social contribution activities.