Okayama University


Academic Year 2020 Autumn Graduation Ceremony held

September 25, 2020

On September 25, Okayama University held the academic year 2020 Autumn Degree Graduation Ceremony at its 50th Anniversary Hall, where a total of 123 faculty and graduate school students started out from the campus that they had developed a deep attachment to.

In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, attendees were limited to university and graduate school students, as well as school and administration staff members. Furthermore, those eligible to attend were only allowed access to the hall after confirming that they were in good health. President MAKINO Hirofumi granted graduation certificates to 4 representatives of faculties and graduate schools. Addressing all those present in English, President Makino stated, “We hope that you will be proud of what you have learned at Okayama University and what you have accomplished in obtaining your respective degrees. We wish you a lifetime of success, health, and happiness in your future.”

On behalf of the graduates, Mohammed Abdullah Al Asad of the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology gave an address in reply, stated,“There is no doubt that OU as an international university provides a great opportunity for all students coming from different countries, to share knowledge, experiences, and to learn about diversity from different cultures. OU is really a place, “where the world gathers”.”

After the ceremony, the graduates, dressed in suits or ceremonial attire of their respective countries, marked their farewells by taking commemorative photos with their friends, junior students, and families, and visited their professors to say goodbye.

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