Okayama University


SDGs Ambassadors Hold an Online English Communication Workshop in Preparation for the Hult Prize Business Contest

November 25, 2020

On November 18, Okayama University SDGs Ambassadors, L-café, Okayama University-Ceed, and Okayama University Open Innovation Organization collaborated to organize a 90-minute online workshop based on the theme, “How to make a speech well in public”. The online workshop was held by four SDGs ambassador students (NISHIMOTO Mitsuki, 4th year Faculty of Economics; SAWAYAMA Yukiya, 3rd year Faculty of Economics; OKAMOTO Shin, 3rd year Faculty of Economics; and OHNO Sakura, 3rd year Faculty of Science) in co-operation with Associate Professor FUJIMOTO Masumi from L-café and Assistant Professor Bulin Aubra Leah from Institute for Education and Student Services.

During the online workshop, Assistant Professor Aubra gave a lecture on how to make a presentation in English, after which students had the opportunity to participate in group discussions. The lecture covered a range of topics applicable to both beginners and advanced public speakers, including “how to make a speech that moves people” and “specific techniques to use when speaking in public”. One participant, a 2nd year doctoral student at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, commented, “This workshop has given me the confidence to make a presentation in English. I plan to practice the techniques learnt in this workshop in preparation for the real event (the on-campus qualifying round on December 13).”

The Hult Prize is imminent, and the 7 teams (a total of 23 participants) scheduled to take part in the event are fervently working on presentations that promote the SDGs and a better society, while specifically addressing the “Food for Good” theme of this year’s challenge.