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Information on the Health Check-up for New Students in 2024

About Health Check-up for New Students in 2024

Periodical health checks are conducted based on the School Health Act, Okayama University's Common Regulations for Faculties, for the purpose of maintenance and promotion of student health.
All students are required have a Health Check-up.

☆For Medical school, Dental School, Division of Pharmacy, and School Nurse Training Program in Faculty of Education;
You have blood test, so please undergo a Health check-upthis date .

☆For Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Education (School Teacher Training Program), School of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Science, Division of Pharmaceutical Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of agriculture, Global Discovery Program:
Health check-up period is Tuesday, April 5th - Monday, April 30th.
You can make a reservation from Wednesday, April 3rd.

The schedule is here

★Please visit the URL below and select 'New students', and make a reservation on your prefer time.
You can change your reservation 30 minutes before.
If you have some trouble, please contact us.

How to make a reservation 'here'

-Please wear non-woven mask.
-If your body condition is not good on the day, please change your reservation day.
-We will ask you to check your body temperature on the day. Those who are over 37.5℃ can't take Health check-up.
-Those who can't undergo a Health check-up this period, please contact us.

Things to bring

  1. Questionnaire
  2. The kit for urine check (Make sure you bring urine sample on the day. If you are period, please bring it at a later date.)
    You will get 1 and 2 in orientation.
  3. Health checking form(this is including the enrollment brochure)
  4. The consent form for blood test(For Medical School, Dental School, Division of Pharmacy, School Nurse Training Program)

Items of check-up

  • Height and Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Chest X-ray
  • Physical check
  • Urine check(You have to submit it by 5/31)
  • Blood test(For Medical School, Dental School, Division of Pharmacy, School Nurse Training Program)

The venue

Health Service Center and 'Sakura room' at Tsushima campus
First, please come to 'Sakura room' for reception.


  • Please wear or bring with a plain T-shirt.
    Clothes are WITHOUT metallic parts (e.g. underwear hook or zipper), plastic parts (e.g. button, beads, or those in strings of camisole), thick prints or lace.
  • Don't wear stockings or tights that you can't show your ankles.
  • Don't bring valuables, earrings, necklaces, etc. as they may be lost.
  • If you have hair on your shoulder, please bring your own hair elastic.

About the results

You can see your results after Friday, June 28th on the web.
Please visit the URL below, and tap the "Health Information". You can see your results.
If you have any question, please contact us.
Are your results within the normal range? 'Click here'

About a certificate of health check-up

Only who underwent a Health check-up here, you can get a certificate after June 28th.
If you need a certificate before June 28th for scholarship, please contact us.
About issuance of a certificate is here