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Information on the Health Check-up in 2024

Periodical health checks are conducted based on the School Health Act, Okayama University's Common Regulations for Faculties, for the purpose of maintenance and promotion of student health.
All students are required have a Health Check-up.

※New students in graduate school, new International Students and transferred students in Department of Science and Engineering also undergo a Health Check-up within this period.

◎If you don't undergo a Health Check-up, you will not be able to receive a health certificate.
About the issuance of the health certificate.
*If you need a health certificate before June 28,2024 for scholarship applications and practical training, please contact the Health Service Center as soon as possible.

-In order to reduce congestion, we will make a reservation system on all days and take care not to create a dense place.
-Please wear a non-woven mask and keep a sufficient distance from others during the health check-up

Click here for schedule.

-For who is above 2nd grade in Medical School and Dental School, please choose a 'Shikata area'. If it is inconvenient for you, choose 'Tsushima area'.
-For who transferred in Department of Science and Engineering, choose 'New students' because of system's problem.

Students who had medical check-up a workplace should send a copy of the result with student ID and name to the Health Service Center. (You don't need to undergo our health check-up.)

Please answer the medical questionnaire!
*Start of enter:Monday, April 1, 2024

Please answer the medical questionnaire on the "moodle" to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus infection.
Please access to the URL below and log in.
Printed your answers will be needed in the health check-up! You need to print the page displaying your answers and bring the paper on the health check-up day.
Click here for manuals. PowerPointPDF

Things to bring

  • Student ID card
  • An answered medical questionnaire (Please print your answers on the moodle)
  • A bag for valuables and clothes you took off
  • Glasses or contact lens (Those who would like a vision test)

Items of Health Check-up

  • Height & weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Vision test (For those who need a health certificate)
  • Chest X-ray
  • Physical examination
  • Urine test (You have to submit it by May 31. )


Health Service Center 'Sakura room' at Tsushima Campus
First, please come to 'Sakura room' for reception.

The Health Check-up at Shikata campus, please come to 'Kinen Kaikan(Alumni Memorial Building)'

Clothes of the day

  • Please wear or bring with a plain T-shirt.
    Clothes are WITHOUT metallic parts (e.g. underwear hook and zipper), plastic parts (e.g. button, beads, and those in strings of camisole), thick prints, or lace.
  • Don't wear stockings or tights that you can't show your ankles.
  • Don't bring valuables, earrings, necklaces, etc. as they may be lost.
  • If you have hair on your shoulder, please bring your own hair elastic.

How to make a reservation.
*Reservation start date:Wednesday, April 3, 2024 at 0:00am

Please visit the URL below.
You can make a reservation with the Health Check-up reservation system and should come to our center by the time of your reservation.
You can make or change the reservation until 30 minutes before each reservation frame on the day of the check-up.

Click here for the manual. PowerPointPDF

-Your body temperature is measured before the health check-up reception, and those above 37.5℃ are not eligible for the health check-up.
-If you are not feeling well on day of the checkup, please re-book your appointment.
-If you have any questions, please contact the Health Service Center.

TEL: 086-251-7217

Results of Health Check-up

Results of Health Check-up will be uploaded on the website of Okayama University after June 28, 2024.
Please access the URL below and tap the "Health Information". You can check your results.
Are your results within the normal range? 'Click here'
If you have any questions on the results of your Health Check-up, please feel free to contact us.

In charge of this matter:086-251-7217