In fiscal year 2006, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) launched
  funding scheme to create “innovation centers for advanced interdisciplinary research.” Out of forty-six
  applications, Okayama University’s research proposal to form “a center for the creation of nanobio-targeted
  therapy through interdisciplinary research” is one of the nine winning proposals. A follow-up to the Ministry’s
  Super COE (Center of Excellence) program, this program promotes the creation of innovations, which is the
  focus of the Ministry’s Third Science and Technology Basic Plan.

  Okayama University is committed to making ICONT a “center for creative innovations.” With our strong
  history in advanced biomedical sciences, including gene and cell therapy, we are focusing on the integration
  of cutting-edge nanotechnology with state-of-the-art biotechnology to develop a new therapy that is more
  patient-friendly than conventional ones. Interdisciplinary approaches, partnerships between academia and
  industry, and international alliances are strongly encouraged. Development of new biomolecular imaging
  technology and research training/education in the field are also important parts of our goal to accomplish
  innovations in biomedical research.

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     designed for this project.



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  To develop a new cluster of innovation for
  the medical industry within the region, Okayama
  Prefecture is now promoting the Medical–Techno
  Valley Scheme and has established Medical–Techno
  Okayama through industry–academia–government
  cooperation. Our project is one of Medical–Techno
  Valley Scheme’s core projects that is currently
  supported by Okayama – the Medically Advanced


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