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International House

【Japanese version】

1.International House

 Okayama University has a dormitory in Tsushima Campus for foreign researchers.
  Name: Okayama University International House
  Address: 3-1-1, Tsushima-naka, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi 〒700-0082
  Telephone Number: International: 81 (86)251-7020
  Local: 086-251-7020


ⅰEligibility criteria for application
 ●the following researchers or staff can be accommodated in international House;
     ・visiting foreign researchers;
     ・foreign researchers contracted to conduct research at Okayama University;
     ・staff from foreign universities conducting work training at Okayama University; and,
     ・officers of the Chinese government
  *Accommodation is available for the above researchers or staff who are accompanied by their spouse and/or one child.

ⅱPeriod of stay
 from 2 weeks (13 nights and 14 days) to 1 year

ⅲAdmission fee & Rent
 ●Admission fee:30,000yen (non-refundable)
 ●Married researchers (Room A) 46, 000yen per month
 ●Single researchers (Room B) 34,000yen per month
 ●Single researchers (Room C) 27, 000yen per month
※The television license fee and internet service fee are included in the rent.
※Residents must pay for their personal consumption of gas, water, and electricity.
※For tenancy less than one half of the month, a half month is charged.
※For tenancy greater than one half of the month a full month is charged.


Type Rooms Area Floor
Married researchers (Room A) 14 38.9m2 1st~2nd
Single researchers (Room B) 3 29.2m2 1st~3rd
Single researchers (Room C) 30 17.5m2 1st~3rd

Common Facilities

Residence block (1st floor)Manager’s room, toilet, entrance room
(each floor)laundry room,lounge,elevator
Exchange block (1st floor)lounge,meeting room,storage room, hot water heater room, toilet, vestibule

Room furnishings
●Married Researchers
 desk,chair,table lamp,bookshelf,TV,TV stand,living room table, sofa,induction cooktop,dining table,two dining table chairs,cupboard,refrigerator,microwave,water boiler pot,twin bed,night table,curtains,laundry pole,air conditioner (heating and cooling), closet,unit bath,laundry machine pedestal,internet connection.

●Single researchers (long-term)
 desk,chair,table lamp,bookshelf,TV,TV stand,living room table,sofa,induction cooktop,cupboard,refrigerator,microwave,water boiler pot,bed,curtains,laundry pole,air conditioner (heating and cooling), closet,unit bath,internet connection.

●Single researchers (short-term)
 desk,chair,table lamp,bookshelf,TV,TV stand, induction cooktop,refrigerator,microwave,water boiler pot,bed,curtains,laundry pole,air conditioner (heating and cooling), closet,unit bath,internet connection.
※Laundry machines are available on each floor.

 Researchers may apply for accommodation at anytime.
 The supervising professor, not the foreign researcher, must first go through the required procedures at the respective graduate school and then register for accommodation through the reservation system. In the case of applications for Room A (for married researchers), please provide one PDF file containing the proof of marital status (for documents written in languages other than English or Japanese provide translations) and sent the file to the supervisor.

 Residents must provide their own bedding, blankets, sheets and pillows. Residents can buy or rent a bedding set through their supervising professors. If you require bedding, inform your supervisor. Prices are as follows:

 Futon set(bedding, blankets, sheets and pillows)
   Until first 31st day(including the period under 31days):3,520yen,from 32nd day:94yen per a day

After input of the reservation, the reservation process is complete. Please ensure the supervisor has received confirmation from Okayama University that the procedure for Foreign Researchers is completed. The only way to confirm completion of the reservation process is through the computerized reservation system. Manual booking is not possible.

<Married Researchers (Room A)>

居室A 居室A

居室A 居室A

<Single Researchers(Room B)>

居室B 居室B

居室B 居室B

<Single Researchers (Room C)>

寮内の様子 寮内の様子

寮内の様子 寮内の様子