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Japanese Language Course Application Instructions for International Researchers

The Center for Liberal Arts and Language Education accepts auditing by international researchers in Japanese Language Courses only if there are vacancies in the class. Please refer to the “Japanese Course Catalog” for class information.

Application requirements:

1. The applicant must be an international researcher at Okayama University.
2. The applicant must be able to attend all classes in session.
3. The applicant must have the approval from her/his supervisor.

Application procedure:

1. Please submit the “Application Form” to the General Education Group (2F of Bldg. A, General Education Block). The application period is one month prior to the start of the course until one day before the course begins. Download the “Application Form”
2. Those who have previously studied Japanese before must take the Placement Test. Please refer to the “Japanese Course Catalog” for the date and place.

Application results:

Applicants will be informed as to whether they can audit the class or not by e-mail a few days after the course begins, when the number of students enrolled in the class is confirmed.

Note: Those who have never studied Japanese must study Japanese characters (hiragana) by themselves. Please visit the Language Education Center Web site for self-study materials.


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