Okayama University


Curriculum Policy of Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law at Okayama University offers a daytime course open in the morning and the afternoon, and an evening course mainly available in the evening. Our curriculum is composed of general education courses which provide students with basic knowledge to develop a sense of humanity and major courses which foster legal thinking abilities (so-called legal mind) to address practical issues of the social world. The diversity of the courses are systematically organized so that all students can effectively study law and politics in accordance with their interests and goals. In the daytime course all students are expected to take introductory courses in their first year, foundational courses in the second year, and global law and politics courses in the third and higher years. In addition to these courses, students in their third year and above will take core courses which help their systematic learning processes in each of three tracks: a Public Law and Policy track for those who aim to be civil servants, a Business Law track for those who wish to join firms and companies, and a Legal Service track for those who aspire to become legal professionals. The daytime course holds classes with a small number of students in each year to enhance their understanding of law and politics and to develop the ability to identify various issues and organize their opinions, as well as develop their communication skills for presentations and discussions. The First Year Seminar gives an introduction on how to learn law and politics and guidance for school life. Seminar I helps second year students to foster their abilities to research, present, and discuss legal and political topics as the groundwork for study in the third and higher years. Seminar II provides third and higher year students with a forum for presentation and discussion to develop a deeper understanding of their coursework. The evening course offers an integrated program from the first through the fourth year so that students start learning major courses as well as general education courses. The curriculum is carefully organized to provide major courses gradually and systematically. Most classes consist of small number of students including First Year Seminar and Sminar for third and higher year students. Students are allowed to take up to thirty credits of major courses held in the daytime course to accommodate the schedules of working students.