Okayama University


Curriculum Policy of Dental School

Faculty of Dentistry

To ensure that students become capable of not only passing the national examination to be qualified as dentists, but also mastering the knowledge and abilities outlined in the diploma policy of Okayama University, a specialized curriculum has been designed. The six-year education program in the dental school is based on the policy as detailed below.
1. Together with the general education course, a specific liberal arts course is offered to ensure the students develop the ability to understand life and humanity in a comprehensive manner.
2. Throughout the six years of study, the major courses, in order from basic to clinical, are offered for students to complete a conclusive clinical dental training program.
3. Team and problem-based learning in clinical settings enables students to duly collect and process necessary information to solve problems.
4. Research-oriented activities and presentation skills are honed by practice in dental science.
5. Study abroad and regional medical programs ensure that students acquire the necessary experience in both global and local arenas.
6. Early exposure to clinical settings, self-expression practice, study abroad and clinical dental training lead students to develop their proper ability and understand themselves better.