Okayama University


Degree Policy of Dental School

Faculty of Dentistry

Education rich in humanity【General Education】

Our students will take an interest in diverse issues concerning nature and society, as
well as acquire powers of logical thinking, judgment, and creativity, which will enable
them to resolve issues responsibly. Moreover, we want them to learn from their
forefathers and be guided by a true sense of humanity and ethics, as dental professionals.

Specialization with a purpose【Expertise】

Our students will acquire professional knowledge, the skills and attitudes as dentists that support highly advanced medical welfare, responding to social needs and progress in dental medicine in an active and creative manner.

Effective information processing【Ability to Use Information】

Our students will not only acquire the ability to discover problems, but will also collect, analyze, apply and disseminate information effectively, in order to lead the development of dental medicine and dentistry.

Ability to become a leader in contemporary society【Ability to Act】

Using their knowledge and clinical skills of dental medicine, our students will be active in a wide range of circumstances from local to global.

Lifelong pursuit of self-realization【Ability to Achieve Self-realization】

Through their regular course of study as well as extra-curricular activities such as
social and cultural activities, our students will be able to pursue lifelong self-development as dental professionals. In this way, students will take the initiative to act autonomously while in pursuit of happiness in their lives and society.