Okayama University


Diploma Policy of Faculty of Law

Department of Law(including Evening Course)

Education rich in humanity【General Education】】

Our students will possess an interest in a variety of issues associated with society, and proactively solve problems with logical thinking, judgment, and creativity. They will acquire a rich education supported by a sense of humanity and ethics.

Legal Mind 【Expertise】

Our students will deal with practical issues of law and politics, acquire legal thinking abilities (so-called legal mind), and contribute to the social world.

Analytical ability of information【Ability to Use Information】

Our students will have the ability to understand and scientifically analyze problems in contemporary society from multilateral perspectives through historical and international comparison so that they will effectively disseminate their achievements.

Communication skills【Ability to Act】

Our students will acquire communication skills and information literacy skills, applying them properly in the globalized information society.

Motivation and ability to seek solutions to issues【Ability to Achieve Self-realization】

Our students will gain the motivation and ability to discover and seek solutions to problems relating to various events occurring in modern society.