Okayama University


Degree Policy of School of Letters

Department of Humanities

Education rich in humanity 【General Education】

Our students will take an interest in diverse issues concerning humanity, society, and the natural world. While acquiring the rich knowledge that human beings have accumulated, they will make use of basic strategies that enable them to inquire into the various fields of humanities.

Expertise that enables them to contribute to society 【Expertise】

Our students will acquire professional expertise and technical skills. They will be able to read classical and foreign literature, analyze data and literary works, and conduct experiments and surveys, through which they will be able to make contributions to society.

Ability to effectively collect and disseminate information【Ability to Use Information】

Our students will develop various perspectives that enable them to consider human history and the future. They will collect, analyze, and properly use information, and also be capable of accurately disseminating knowledge through written work.

Ability to become a leader in contemporary society【Ability to Act】

Amid our globalizing world promoting diverse values, students will be capable of acting positively based on their ability to think logically, understand different cultures and values, and communicate in foreign languages. This will enable them to consider the fundamental question, 'What does it mean to be human?'

Lifelong pursuit of self-realization 【Ability to Achieve Self-realization】

Based on a keen intellectual curiosity, rich sensitivity, the ability to judge fairly without prejudice, and an ability to self-reflect, our students will be able to pursue life-long self-development.