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Purpose of Establishment

 The Okayama University Environmental Management Center was founded to manage unified environmental preservation and safety operations, and to promote environmental management and labor safety at Okayama University.
 The Environmental Management Center oversees environmental management, waste management, drainagewater management, management and disposal of liquid waste from laboratories, workplace and laboratory safetymanagement as well as associated research and education.


  • September 26, 1975Okayama University Special Wastewater Treatment Facility established
  • December 22, 1977Okayama University Liquid Organic Waste Treatment Facility established
  • July 27, 1978Okayama University Environmental Management Facility established
  • June 1, 1982Renamed to Okayama University Environmental Management Center
  • April 1, 1999Okayama University Environmental Management Center partially reorganized
  • April 1, 2004Okayama University Health and Environmental Center established through the integration of the Environmental Management Center and Health Management Center
  • April 1, 2008Okayama University Health and Environmental Center separated into the Environmental Management Center and Health Management Center
  • April 1, 2017The Department of Environmental Management and Department of Chemical Management established within the Okayama University Environmental Management Center

Center Operation

 In accordance with Okayama University Environmental Policy, the Environmental Management Center works in cooperation with related organizations and technical instructors at the university to oversee global warming countermeasures, resource saving measures, waste management, drainage water management, liquid waste management, chemical substance management, and safety management.

Environmental Management(See related page.)

Environmental management operation
Planning and submission of proposals for environmentally conscious activities.
Planning, promotion, and enlightenment activities related to global warming countermeasures and green purchase.
Okayama University Environmental Report planning and editing.

Waste Management

Ascertaining the state of waste treatment
We aggregate data related to recycling and the disposal of waste generated at Okayama University.
Classification and effective treatment of waste
We conduct waste management enlightenment activities for staff.
Operation of an information system for reusable articles
We operate an information system for the registration of “unused articles” and “sought articles” on our website to promote efficient use and waste reduction.

Chemical Substance Management

Support for effective chemical substance management
We examine the chemical substance management system for laboratories to provide guidance and consultation.
We identify specified chemical substances ( PRTR method) and take required administrative action.
Operation of chemical management support system
We oversee a web-based chemical substance management system that supports research laboratory management.


Drainage Water Management

Continuous monitoring and periodical analysis of drainage (Tsushima Area)
We continuously monitor experimental effluents without pollutant in individual inspection tanks of each department and in final inspection tank before discharge to public sewerage.
We conduct periodical analysis of experimental effluents without pollutant in individual inspection tanks of each department and in final inspection tank before discharge to public sewerage and domestic wastewater before discharge to public sewerage.
We oversee the inspection and maintenance of water quality-related devices such as pH meters.
Taking required administrative action
We create reports specified by laws and regulations.

Liquid Waste Management

Collection of liquid organic and inorganic waste, special liquid waste, and photographic processing liquid waste
We collect and examine harmful liquid waste generated at Okayama University, and outsource its treatment and disposal.
Cultivation of technical instructors
We hold seminars to cultivate technical instructors for liquid waste management.

Safety Management

Safety education
We create environmental and safety management manuals for faculty and students. We also provide safety education for faculty during seminars for new hires.

Research and Education / Social Contribution

The Environmental Management Center promotes a wide range of environmental and safety research and education.

●Education for Students
We provide lectures on environmental and safety management to students as a part of education prior to the start of laboratory work. We also provide a general education class entitled “Developing a Sustainable Campus.”
●Lecture and Briefing Session
We hold lecture and briefing session on environmental management.
●Extension Lecture and Seminar
We hold environmental seminars during Environment Month (June) as well as sustainability seminars and other programs for the general public.
●Research on Environmental Preservation
We promote technological development in areas such as water quality management, waste treatment, soil management, resource recovery, and environmental materials for environmental preservation.
●Publication of Center Newsletters
We publish Environment Research & Control , which includes environmental reports, explanations and business reports. We also publicize research and education activities undertaken by center staff.
●Support for Environmental Activities
We provide guidance on research and environmental activities to faculty and students, and have representatives on related in or out university committees.

Liquid Waste and Drainage Management System

 Below is the flowchart for the Okayama University liquid waste and water management system.
 Careful and proper handling of liquid waste and drainage by individual faculty and students is essential for the effective operation of this system.

Environmental Management– Environmental Consideration Law –

 The Okayama University Environmental Policy was established under the authority of the Dean to facilitate environmental management. The promotion of environmental management requires that all individuals associated with Okayama University understand this policy and act with consideration for the environment.
 In addition, in accordance with the Act on the Promotion of Business Activities with Environmental Consideration by Specified Corporations, the Facilitation of Access to Environmental Information and Other Measures

(Environmental Consideration Law), Okayama University is obliged as a Specified Corporation to create and publicize annual environmental reports.
 The Environmental Management Center makes proposals for global warming countermeasures, chemical substance management, resource saving measures, and environmental PR through the Environmental Management Committee, and plans and edits Okayama University Environmental Reports.

Click the URL shown below to see the Okayama University Environmental Policy, Environmental Objectives and Goals,and Environmental Reports.


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