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(To all Okayama Students and Staff) Call for caution regarding the novel coronavirus (No.3)

January 31, 2020

To all Okayama Students and Staff

Hirofumi Makino, President of Okayama University

As the novel coronavirus infection was listed as a designated infection by Cabinet decision on January 28, 2020, and the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the new coronavirus outbreak a "public health emergency of international concern" on January 30. In order to prevent the spread of infection by the novel coronavirus, Okayama University requests that the following actions be taken by all students and staff.

(Persons returning from China)
1. Persons returning from China (including transfers), who show symptoms of coughing, fever (around 37.5°C or above), diarrhea, and/or muscle pains, should please wear a mask, contact beforehand the nearest public health center or medical institute, having declared of stay in China, and abide by the instructions of the medical staff.
In particular, since you may have pneumonia in case of dyspnea or shortness of breath, you should immediately consult a medical institution.

2. Those without symptoms, please stay at home for 14 days after returning to Japan, observe your physical condition, and ensure that you, without fail, take and record (at least twice a day, morning and evening) your temperature, wash your hands, and wear a mask.
In the case that symptoms such as coughing, fever, etc. appear, please follow the instructions given in 1. above.
Further, in the case that you feel unwell when you return from overseas, please ensure, without fail, that you declare yourself at the airport/port quarantine station.

(People who have no record of travel to China)
3. Infected persons have already been confirmed among people who have no record of travel to China. Thus, even people who have no record of travel to this area should please take great care to protect themselves against infection, refrain from coming to the university when you feel unwell, and consult a medical institution for an examination depending on your symptoms.

(Persons who are now considering travel to China)
4. Persons who are now considering travel to China, please ensure that you gather information from the website for overseas safety of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on the prevention of infection when overseas from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and please take preventative measures in accordance with the danger level, such as postponing or canceling.
University staff must submit a Notification of Overseas Travel for travel overseas. Students must submit, without fail, a Notification of Travel Abroad for Study or a Notification of Private Overseas Travel using the Okayama University International Exchange Support/Overseas Travel Registration System as well as registering travel on the “Tabi-regi” (for overseas stays of less than three months) or the “Zairyu Todoke ORRnet” (for residence overseas of three months or more) operated by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

(Prevention of the spread of novel coronavirus infection)
5. As it is known that hand washing (prevention against contact infection) and wearing a mask for cough etiquette (prevention of infection by airborne droplets) are effective for the prevention of the spread of novel coronavirus infection, please ensure that you take these preventative measures in a thoroughgoing manner.
Further, it is also reported that disinfection of places where viruses may be present using 70% alcohol is effective for the prevention of contact infection.

(Acceptance of researchers, etc.)
6. When accepting researchers from China, the actions above should be taken accordingly.

Further, when taking these preventative measures, please practice adequate care in the use of personal information, and please take these measures in a calm manner. While the level of fever and symptoms when infected may differ from person to person, not coming to the university when you are feeling unwell will help prevent the spread of infection.

Since information is changing even at present, please ensure that you obtain and act according to the latest information from the following websites and from other sources.

Related websites
*Overseas travel safety information/ Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

*Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

*Okayama University International Exchange Support/ Overseas Travel Registration System

*“Tabi-regi” or the “Zairyu Todoke ORRnet” /Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

*Okayama University Health Service Center
(Forms and notice regarding 2019-nCoV are posted)

Office for Inquiry
*About Infection measures
Health Service Center 086-251-7217
Safety and Health Department, Health Division 086-251-8984, 7286, 7100 

*About Study Abroad program and International Student affairs
International Affairs Department 086-251-7079 (inbound), 7037 (outbound)

*About Student and Academic affairs
Academic Affairs Department 086-251-8423

*About Matters related to Staff and Work
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