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DISCOVERY Program for Global Learners

DISCOVERY Program for Global Learners

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Program Overview

The Discovery Program for Global Learners is based on collaboration and mutual learning between students who have diverse backgrounds, such as international students and returnee students who gather together from many countries of the world, and graduates of high schools in Japan. The program places emphasis on practical learning such as that experienced in internships and fieldwork. Students acquire specialized knowledge through taking courses that are suited to their future goals without the restraints of faculty or departmental divisions. The university offers courses through which students can discover which areas they wish to explore, forging their own learning paths toward the future. While cooperating with others from different cultures and study backgrounds, students acquire the global and practical discernment to enable them to act skillfully in problem-solving situations.

Students are encouraged to acquire specialist knowledge and skills through a unique program of courses of their own choice. At the advanced stage of their learning, all students undertake a Senior Project, further developing the abilities to analyze gathered information in a multifaceted and creative manner and transmit precise information effectively. They grapple with an individual research theme, which they decide for themselves under the guidance of an advising professor. Essentially, the Discovery Program helps students to gain the ability to initiate action for social innovation from the local to the global level, thereby developing young leaders who are capable of contributing to the sustainable development of global society.

Profiles of Exemplary Candidates

  1. Students who wish to turn their attention to diverse cultures and societies and have a desire to play an active role on the global stage.
  2. Students who study actively on their own initiative in a broad range of fields and for language acquisition.
  3. Students who are able to communicate with others well and are prepared to tackle issues by cooperating with fellow students.

In order to actively participate in the program, applicants will need to have the three abilities mentioned below:

  • Sufficient English ability to take part in problem-solving activities in collaboration with other students from multicultural backgrounds.
  • The ability to formulate personal opinions and communicate their views accurately to others.
  • The basic knowledge and study skills required for successful learning in their selected field.