Okayama University


Dental School

Faculty of Dentistry

Program Overview

The primary mission of the Dental School includes the ongoing development and research of the dental sciences, as well as the nurturing of superior dental practitioners. This mission is centered within the context of diversifying social demands, advancing globalization, and a progressively advancing dental practice. Therefore, in response, our mission is to develop practitioners who place importance on providing patients with advanced dental care, and undertaking cutting-edge dental research.

The field of dental sciences is a broad and integrated discipline. It is not restricted to the natural sciences, but also involves research and education in the fields of the social sciences and humanities. It is because of this that the Faculty of Dentistry can take advantage of a wide variety of students, regardless of whether their strengths lie in the sciences, or the social sciences.

Profiles of Exemplary Candidates

We welcome students with the following, regardless of a science or social science focus.

  1. Those with the sufficient basic knowledge necessary for receiving an education in dentistry.
  2. Those with a strong sense of ethics, and the ability to empathize with others.
  3. Those with the ability to enthusiastically embrace any challenge.
  4. Those with an inquiring mind and curiosity regarding the health and biological sciences.
  5. Those with a clear desire to contribute to national/global health and welfare as a dental practitioner.

Before enrollment, we would like students to maintain a wide focus and passion in regards to their studies throughout high school. Students should not restrict their efforts to the acquisition of knowledge, but maintain an interest and desire to act upon a wide variety of social issues. This is because within the field of dentistry, the development of one’s reason and actions are indispensable components within the development of holistic abilities which make successful contribution to society possible.