Okayama University


Okayama University

Program Overview

Okayama University is a national university that prioritizes a quality of education and innovative research in collaboration with other institutions and communities. We play a cardinal role in creating high-quality intellectual property, while inheriting the accumulated culture and knowledge of previous decades.

We offer cohesively interrelated curriculums in the liberal arts courses alongside specialized major courses. Those well-articulated curriculums will instill students with the five “knowledges” and “abilities” described in the diploma policy (Liberal Arts Knowledge; Specialized Knowledge; Information Literacy; Action and Leadership; and Enduring Self-Development), while ensuring that the students are capable of meaningful contribution to the global society.

Profiles of Exemplay Candidates

Okayama University utilizes a variety of assessment methods to ensure the active acceptance of students, both nationally and internationally, who possess an adequate educational standard, a strong desire to achieve the intellectual quality as outlined in our diploma policy, and who strive to make a difference in the global society.