Okayama-Hue International Master's Program
in Sustainability of Rural and Environmental Systems

The curriculum co-designed by Okayama University and Hue University aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of regional environmental management and leading-edge agricultural technologies. It provides graduates of this program with the knowledge and skills needed to understand the issues involved in environmental and sustainable development, and to offer practical solutions.
This program consists of the following modules:
  1. Courses for Rural Environmental Management Major
  2. Courses for Agricultural Development Major

The curriculum is designed to provide international as well as local perspectives on rural environmental management and/or sustainable agricultural development. The modules of the curriculum allow students to tailor courses depending on their interests and career goals. Each course fulfills 2 credits.

Courses for Rural Environmental Management Major
Courses for Agricultural Development Major
Regional Planning and Resource Management Environmental Ecology
Environmental Hydrology Applied Animal Science
Chemistry for Environmental Sustainability Field Crop Science
Solid Waste Management
Agricultural Biotechnology


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