Poster session at the Misasa International Symposium 2015
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Oral presentation at the Misasa International Symposium 2015
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Misasa International Symposium 2015

March 6-8, 2015
Comprehensive Exploration of the Solar System

Organized by Professor Eizo Nakamura, Pheasant Memorial Laboratory, Institute for Study of the Earth’s Interior, Okayama University, Misasa, Tottori, Japan.


The theme of MISASA V was analyses of extra-terrestrial materials provided by sample-return missions, and insights regarding the evolution of recently sampled asteroids and meteorites, that are possible through comprehensive textural, geochemical, and geochronological analyses.

The symposium brought together experts from a wide range of earth, planetary, and space sciences to discuss research related to future solar system exploration in missions such as HAYABUSA 1 & 2, OSIRIS-REx, and MARS2020.

The participants discussed recent scientific achievements investigating sample return materials and meteorites, for example from asteroid Itokawa and the Chelyabinsk meteorite. The symposium enabled attendees to share their knowledge and gain new perspectives in this multidisciplinary setting.